Art or Design

The elements to which refers MyPiXXels for the objects’ design are the shape, the color, so much creativity the technology, to make all more appealing, and eco-sustainability.
The shape of the surface is in plastic. The colors are solid, lively and creative. The inspiration comes from the tradition revisited in a modern, extravagant and iconic key. The technology allows the reproducibility o with serial production techniques. Finally, the eco-sustainability with the use of ecological plastic materials derived from plants such as corn, wheat or sugar beet, the glass recycling, the use of cardboard for packaging which can be used as a furnishing complement before being thrown away and the low energy consumption products.

(Ph. Roberta Fognani)

Common objects with a brilliant and lively style become art, artwork become design, making blurred the borderline between the two disciplines and easy to insert them into contemporary spaces.

MyPiXXels is inspired by the artistic current known as Pop Art. The objects can be reproduced in series, thanks to the technology, but built in a craft way, representative of the collective man’s imagination “consumer” of which it succeeds in attracting attention thanks to the creation of products with a high aesthetic appeal and simple and seductive packaging.