The idea behind MyPixxels has been the result of almost 20 years of research, study and in-depth analysis that take shape thanks to the new modelling and production techniques of 4.0 technology.
These techniques allow us to give shape to creative freedom without losing the expressive quality of design, aim to find in the “makers” a contemporary way to craft production.
In 2017, this dream became a project called MyPixxels presented at SMAU – Milan in collaboration with Regione Liguria and, in May 2018 became an Innovative Start-Up that deals with 3D modelling projects, parametric modelling projects and production with 3D printing.
MyPixxels is focused on the development and production of proprietary and exclusive design objects. Our small runs of production have an innovative nature because are realized with a totally digital production chain. Conceiving, drawing and producing an object takes place without ever going through paper and the process is carried out by using ecological materials.
A freedom of form that is almost endless, without any waste of raw materials. Every object is made directly on commission, making the most of 3D printers potential.
MyPixxels is also at the avantgarde for the prototyping and production of objects created according to customers’ needs.
Our business furthermore provides consulting and 3D modelling courses with Rhinoceros and on the 3D printing additive digital technologies with fusion of filament.

Why a Geecko?

The logo depicts a gecko.
The gecko is famous for its beautiful colors and because it is able to get in-sync and integrate with the environment that surrounds it. Moreover, it is often portrayed as a symbol of regeneration and it perfectly represents the values behind the MyPixxels project.
Adaptability, strength and survival skills that allow to overcome seemingly impassable obstacles by adapting to every situation. It is a perfect metaphor of what a fusion between design and new technologies can represent for contemporary corporate production.
Did you notice that our gecko has 5 paws? The fifth paw represents the added value which allows to succeed in any business: determination.

The offer

MyPixxels’ products are halfway between industrial design and craftsmanship.
The runs of production are limited but they can be repeated in series compared to the craft model.
This type of production allows the user to purchase a tailored craftsmanship design, through the choice of color, pairings and small customizations which aim to reflect the customers’ personality and preferences and to make the purchased product unique and original.
All design projects come from an intuition and a careful observation of what surrounds us, giving shape to virtual models which over time are enriched through continuous research.
In the first year, only 3 of our projects got to the production stage. Only the concepts which prove themselves to be able to adapt and stand out throughout the whole artistic process will make it.