Brand/Producer MyPixxels
Designer Luca Rovero
Carlo Ricci
Simona Lanzu
Marta Zullino
Year 2016
Place of use Interior
Lampholder G4
Power supply 2 Electric wires round power cable covered in fabric
Power plug USB – 5W Step up Inverter
Input voltage 5V – output voltage 12V
Input Current 410 MA – Output frequency DC/DC
Lamp size (mm) 150 (diameter max) x 410 (height)
Packaging size (mm) 190 (length) x 190 (width) x 490 (height)
Cable length (mm) 2000
Structure and lampshade materials PLA – Poly (lactic acid)
Weight Kg 0,700 Kg
LIGHTBULB (Complimentary)
Type LED XC-G4A0128353W-6500K
Dimmable lightbulb No
Lightbulb attack G4
Electric power 3W (such as 25W)
Color temperature cool white 6500K
Lumen 160LM
Output voltage DC 12V
USB ADAPTER (Not included)
Output voltage DC 5V
Output Current 2000 MA
POWER BANK (Not included – Minimum requirements)
Type Li-Ion / 2200 mah / 3.6V (*)
Output voltage Input voltage 5V – Output voltage 5V
(*) Ignition duration equal to 3 hours.
 Certificates CE